There’s nothing more frustrating than playing at a casino and running into problems that you aren’t sure how to solve. It’s tiring to try and come up with solutions on your own, especially when the casino staff has to understand most of these problems already. At Mighty Slots we believe in offering solutions readily to our players, and that’s why we have a dedicated support service that makes it easy to get help when it’s needed most. This service includes a live chat service, dedicated phone lines, email and postal mail responses. No matter how you choose to seek out help, there is an option available.

Live Chat Help

Live chat is one of the most highly recommended ways to get help. It’s available at any hour of the day and offers help immediately. Simply press the live chat button the site in the contact menu to open up a direct line of communication with a member of the support team. From there it’s easy to type the problem and get direct help with it from the staff member.

Phone Help

Phone service is another way that players can get the help they need instantly. We offer several phone lines all connected to a few country-specific phone lines. Use one of the available toll free phone lines to get help immediately. These lines are always available and easy to reach us through, so use the service freely to get the answers that you need.


Email is a bit slower, but a method that many players rely on for help. We offer a dedicated support email address that’s checked several times throughout the day. A email asking for help will receive a response from our staff, but it could take a few hours before help comes through. This is just the way that email works and it can’t be as efficient as the live support methods mentioned above. That doesn’t mean it’s not as good, players just have to be patient to receive answers to their problems when using this method.

Postal Service

We also accept communication through the postal service, though we don’t recommend using that line of communication to ask for help. Messages through post take much longer to arrive and this method could leave you waiting around for a week or longer for problems that could be solved much faster through other methods.

With all the different help options available to players at Mighty Slots, there is no reason that you should be stuck with an unsolved problem while playing at the casino. We take pride in helping out each and every gambler, and work hard to offer the best level of service to everyone.