Ape King Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel
Monkeys, Animals

The Ape King is someone you don't want to cross and when it comes to spending time there, you can be sure that you are the one walking away with his cash in your hand. You can make sure to make the most of what they are able to give you. If you want to know more about this new slot that has just come out, then make sure to check out what you can get from all they are offering. Are you ready to spin and win, while walking away with some extra cash in hand? We know we are!

What to Expect During Your Playtime

Since the game is made through Real Time Gaming, you can expect that this 5-reel, 243 payline slot machine has a lot of ways for you to line up those lines and win for a bigger payout. This is well worth the time you spend inside it, but also because it has more fun than some of the others. RTG is a great software company that always delivers high quality slots that provide great graphics and even better sounds that go along with them.

The slot machine is known as a bonus video slot that welcomes one and all to keep the fun and games going when they open that bonus round. You can put in one coin per line to bet, or bet up to $20 per line, making the payout even larger than ever. The coin sizes range from 1 cent, up to .50 cents at a time, which is a great consideration to make when you are trying to customize the amount you put down on the slots to win.

What Types of Symbols Do They Have?

The slot machine is a bit more simpler in terms of playing at some of the newer ones, so this is something to think about because you want to find a slot machine that fits in with you.

The slot has animals throughout it. With monkeys and apes being the main characters due to the nature of the theme of slots. It is a jungle theme and you have to try to make your way through the jungle and get the cash when you land on the right symbols. You can also find a pot of gold which is the jackpot winning. The monkeys are all different types, so you can line up the right ones to get the right payout. In addition to this, there are also the numbers and letters from the cards you would normally play with.

Are They Offering Free Play Games and Bonuses?

There is a free games feature, as well as a bonus round feature that comes with a jungle battle feature that gives you a way to play a mini game on the side and actually win some money in the end. This is a great way to grab more cash. You simply just need to make sure to line up the gorillas, then this opens up the free games feature. When you get five monkeys in a row, you are going to be able to open the bonus round up. This is a great way to win up to 500 free spins, and even some extra cash in your player account to keep the fun going.

Everyone wants to make sure to have a good time when playing inside the casino walls, and with this slot machine, you can be sure to grab the best one for you. This one comes with a high payout percentage for the casino and a fun theme that is definitely going to catch your attention. Paired with the bonus rounds, free spins, great graphics and quality sounds; you have the perfect slot machine made for gamers.