Mighty Slots is a well-known up and coming casino with some pretty generous bonuses. All the bonuses are given away to new players during their deposits, which is why they are extremely generous. As a new player joining up with the casino you have a whole lot to gain by joining.

Massive Deposit Bonuses

Mighty Slots does things a bit differently when it comes to deposit bonuses. While most casinos provide a small match bonus with the deposit, Mighty Slots offers a massive match bonus. For instance, players that make their initial deposit into the casino of just $20, can expect to be rewarded with an additional $980 to use at the casino all for free. So for a minor deposit of $20, you’ll ultimately have $1,000 in gambling power. The second deposit offers $425 for a $25 deposit and the third offers $270 for a $30 deposit. There are playthrough requirements though so players will have to do quite a bit of gambling before the bonus funds become available for use.

The Playthrough Requirements

These bonuses aren’t credited to the player account immediately, instead the player must go through playthrough requirements before the money is credited. For the first bonus that’s 120x the bonus amount, for the second its 60x the bonus amount and the last one is 30x the bonus amount. The first bonus is tough to qualify for with the minimum deposit, but players that put in a larger sum of money will have an easier time making it through the playthrough requirements properly.

Only for New Players

It’s important to realize that the very generous welcome bonuses offered at Mighty Slots are only available to new players. That means as an existing player the bonuses are not there. That’s one of the benefits of being new to Mighty Slots and it gives players something to look forward to after joining up. As an existing player these bonuses are not available for use.

No Ongoing Promotions

Mighty Slots offers its best promotions in the very beginning over a course of three deposits. This is important to note because there aren’t ongoing promotions to take advantage of. As a new player at the casino there is a lot to gain by joining up.

Mighty Slots is a new and exciting casino with a lot to offer its players. There are plenty of bonuses to unlock and they’re surprisingly large for the deposits required to unlock them. Players that enjoy slots, table games or video poker will really like what this casino has to offer, it’s important to take full advantage of the initial deposit bonuses though, because there are not ongoing bonuses currently available. That’s something that may be added in the future though.